Evolution of logo design

Evolution of Logo Design

The Mayans, Greeks, Chinese...all used it, mostly as a monogram or on their seals.
Do you remember The Ashoka Pillar and the Four Lions facing four different directions! Thats old.

In 13th and the 14th century monograms transformed to trademarks. Traders, farmers, merchants, goldsmith used their trademark for their businesses.
By 18th century, during the age of Industrial Revolution these seals were used as their Logo Design and branding became a very important aspect of every business.
Industrial revolution saw the rise of products being manufactured on a mass scale, merchants & businessmen had to make their products unique, with advancement of technology logo designing became more popular.

The oldest logo still in use today dates back to 1366 AD for Stella Artois of Belgium. WOW.
Its a very well recognized beverage brand with presence in over 80 countries. Stella Artois still uses the horn in its logo which beckoned the travelers, in 1926 the Christmas star was added to its logo.
The logo of Twinnings Tea is the oldest unaltered logo with capitalized fonts beneath a lion's crest in continuous use for more then 227 years.
Shell Oil logo was first used in 1904 and today the red and yellow shaped logo is so distinct that it doesn't use its name.
Nike uses the "the nike swoosh" that minimal at its best.
Canon first logo consisted of a Buddhist Goddess of Mercy sitting on a lotus with her thousand hands surrounded by flames followed by its 'Kwanon' brand name and 1936 changed to Canon and further refined a number of times to what we see today.
Coca-Cola had a black font, after a year it changed the font to spencerian script.
Mercedes Benz incorporated the three pointed-star logo in 1909 after two previous logos, in 1933 a circle was included.
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